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Why do I do this? Advice needed.

For some reason, on the last few questions my pulse starts racing and I can't think that much. Then I get the last few questions wrong because I can't think. How do I avoid this? It's making me very discouraged and I don't want to do my daily lessons anymore.

May 21, 2020



Take a deep breath, slow down, the computer is a machine, like a car or a television set. NO ONE else knows whether you get something correct or incorrect.


You might just step away from the computer/phone for a moment and come back when you're feeling a bit calmer. It will wait for you. :-) I sometimes let it sit for quite a while if I get interrupted in the middle of a lesson.


Generally, if the noun has an 'e' on the end, it's feminine and you use 'une'. Just for that specific Q:)


I also have done the same thing it helps me to just take a few deep breaths dont get discouraged you got it


Hey ! Calm down . You are learning and its totally alright to make mistakes and that is how you learn. See the positive side like even when you make mistake you are able to know the correct answer so the next time you would not repeat the same. Even if you did its fine , maybe next time. At least this is how I work and it keeps me sane. So take it easy and do not stress yourself. I am sorry if you find this useless.


Also the later questions are more likely to be "write in French" - which means you have to recall not just recognize. Just go slower.

[deactivated user]

    looks like you had a gender identity crisis!


    No that's not the case, but thanks for the joke!


    you need to do the questions slowly by thinking firmly at first then after some time you will be able to do it without even thinking and you will get quick but what you really need to do right now is have patience and answer calmly after giving each question some time :)


    and also if you have problems with gender identity you need to learn each word with the gender at the same time and you can also write it in a notebook with the gender so you learn more quickly and if you are getting bored you can really read them as a quick revision. (hope it helps) :)


    I use an address book and put the French word on the page with the letter it starts with, then note the gender. If I don't know if it's masculine or feminine during the lesson, I look it up. After doing that once or twice the gender sticks in my head.


    Yeah I do the same just not in an address book :)


    stop the quiz, do something else non-french related, and come back to it. the stress will disappear soon enough and you'll do fine. remember, there's no time limits :)

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