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"He doesn't look at the signs when he drives."

Translation:Il ne regarde pas les panneaux quand il conduit.

May 21, 2020



why isn't it "aux panneaux" because it is "at the" not "he doesn't look the signs"?


Because "regarder" means "to look at" and it takes a Direct Object. There is no "regarder à".


after a negative, "de" is required


after a negative, "de" is required

Not with the definite article (les).

   Il regarde des panneaux.
       Il ne regarde pas de panneaux.

   Il regarde les panneaux.
       Il ne regarde pas les panneaux.


Any reason why '...quand il roule' doesn't work here? (I'll report just in case it's ok.)


Duo might accept it, but it would be more appropriate if the English had been '... when he is driving along' ie moving (or 'rolling along'). The English 'when he drives' applies whenever he is behind the wheel controlling the car, including when stationary at the traffic lights, so 'conduire' is the natural verb to use.


"Il ne regarde pas les panneaux lorsqu'il conduit." Also accepted.

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