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  5. "The women drink."

"The women drink."

Translation:De vrouwen drinken.

July 28, 2014



What's the difference between drinken/ drinkt/ and drink


Drinken : Inf,drinkt: singular 3rd person drink : singular 1st person


When do you use het and de?



De/het translate to 'the'.

In Dutch, nouns have one of three genders, like German. Masculine, Feminine (although it is rare you need to distinguish masculine/feminine at this stage) and neuter (neutral).

If the word is masculine or feminine, then you say 'de ____'

De klomp / The clog De vrouw / The woman De man / The man

If it is neuter, then you say 'het'

Het paard / The horse Het hemd / The shirt Het meisje / The girl

If it is plural, then it is always 'de'

De paarden De hemden De meisjes

Regardless of gender, you always use 'een' for 'a/an'

Een klomp Een hemd Een meisjes Eeen hond

Hope I helped! -Sam


Finally, i have been looking foverever. Someone saif what neuter nouns are. People are talkimg about them, but i didnt know what they were!


Definitely helped thank you! :) Een hond? A dog?


But with meisje, its always het meisje and not de meisje??

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