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"Je ne suis pas fils unique, j'ai un frère aîné."

Translation:I'm not an only child; I have an older brother.

May 21, 2020



Can someone help to explain why it's not un fils unique, thanks


I think it's like "Je suis journaliste."


Only child or only son?


I said "I am not an only child, I have a big brother". Why is this wrong?


Why is "elder brother" not correct?


Elder or older? My understanding has always been that 'elder' is used when describing the relationship between two siblings of the same sex. Eg: my younger son has an elder brother, but my daughter has two older brothers. So in the context of this this translation I think older or elder should be acceptable.

  1. French phrase says nothing about daughters. So "child" is wrong.
  2. "elder" is the most standard word in this situation, MUST be accepted.
  3. Only child is "THE only child". Why? Because he/she is ONLY, ONE, SOLUM FILIUM. Three issues for one short and simple phrase is way too much. In year 2000 people used "the only son" almost 3 times more frequently than "an only son" according to Google Books.
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