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typing diacritics with a numpad

I'm trying to learn how to type things without too much fuss but does anybody know how to type ô or œ? alt code suggestions I see (0244 and 0156) produce ⌠ and £ just those two escape me so far otherwise it's a tad frustrating having to shift my right hand and enter 4 keystrokes for é but at least I can manage that

May 22, 2020



Why do you enter four keystrokes for 'é' and 'ô'? Are you familiar with the US-International keyboard layout? You only need to use an alt code for 'œ'.



i type alt+130 for é and alt+ 147 for ô I haven't bothered with the international keyboard and I'm not sure why I haven't, I'll probably switch soon notice however that it doesn't solve my problem


Those are the codes I use and they work on my keyboard. ⌠ I get from Alt+244 (no 0) and £ comes from Alt+156 (again no 0). I don't know why your numpad would be different.


You're after the extended ASCII character codes...

But there's a myriad of easier ways to do it.

Character map, change your keyboard language, use the onscreen keyboard...


I get œ from ALT+0156. For everything else I use the US International keyboard. It's much faster than alt codes.

I get £ from ALT+156.


It's easier to load a keyboard (available for free from your operating system) for French. That way you do not have to move your right hand off the keyboard, plus you'll need less keystrokes per diacritical mark. Try the Canadian French keyboard, which is better than the Standard French for English speakers as it's QWERTY and not AZERTY, or an "International" keyboard.

[Added] More discussion from a few days ago.


I'm using the Canadian French one, it's a bit of a pain thus far and I find typing with it actually slower than using the numpad but I'm sure I'll get there

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