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"Bientôt, tu deviendras vétérinaire dans un zoo."

Translation:Soon, you will become a veterinarian at a zoo.

May 22, 2020



does it have to be "at a zoo" and not "in a zoo"?


why cant it be"in a zoo" which makes more sense.


Vet = veterinarian. (I am reporting it but looking for feedback)


It should be accepted. In the UK we almost always use the word "vet" even though it is strictly an abbreviation. It's a very sensible abbreviation too because few people manage to spell veterinarainanerian correctly :-D


Yes - it's difficult to know how to stop spelling it.


I should look in the dictionary


Duo spent a lot of time teaching us "devenir"( become) using the simple near future with "Aller".... "tu vas devenir vétérinaire" and now we have to learn complex future conjugation of "devenir". If you use "aller" devenir never changes (conjugation) because its the second verb. And another thing. Why does "DANS" (in) get translated as "AT" The common use English says IN A ZOO. I work in a zoo. It's not a particularly important, but again could we still be blamed for thinking we can use at instead of in.


Yes - to speak French well you need to know the futur simple as well as the futur proche. Learning a language is full of complexities. Better get used to it because there are much more difficult concepts to come.


Following on from the previous exercise, you can put "bientot" at the start of a sentence but not "surement". It's hard to follow the logic.


Most languages aren't 100% logical. If you want logic try learning Esperanto.


why am i marked wrong hen i have the correct answer


I put "veterinary "which I think should be accepted

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