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Error in Family-4 tips?

In the conjugation table for venir it has il/elle viens. I'm pretty sure it should be vient?

Sorry if this doesn't below here could someone direct me to where this belongs?

May 22, 2020



Tu as raison. You are correct.

In the present tense it is — il / elle vient


This and similar errors have been reported as bugs many times already but it seems staff doesn't read those bug reports or doesn't care. But when someone tweeted to Duolingo about a mistake in the Tips, it was fixed almost straight away: https://twitter.com/maurenito/status/1262501962135801859. So, you could submit yet another bug report, but if you have Twitter you could just try sending out a tweet instead.


Update: someone made a post about the same mistake again, so I finally decided to send out a tweet. The mistake has been fixed. Don't bother filing bug reports, it's useless.

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