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"Now, the clothes are drying in the yard."

Translation:Maintenant les vêtements sèchent dans le jardin.

May 22, 2020



Ok, I have no issue whatsoever with this. I wrote dans la cour and it was accepted as a valid answer, while for a different sentence, Samedi, vous mettrez ces chaises dans la cour. It was not accepted as valid, and the right answer called to use le jardin. These are the kind of issues that makes it harder for us to learn quickly and improve. So please, be consistent in your answers and make all the corrections necessary for us to learn so we do not feel like we are wasting our time.


The dictionary says that la cour is "courtyard". Why are you using it here instead of jardin? Is it often used to mean yard?



Roody-Roo 'la cour' is a courtyard or a farmyard. So in most instances you a speaking about a space that is paved and surrounded by buildings (in the city) or a space on a farm that is surround by the farmhouse and barns and other buildings (even on farms this space is often paved but not always). I talked with my neighbors about this and they said you would never describe this space as 'le jardin" even on a farm 'le jardin is around and behind the farmhouse often with 'un verger et un potager'. So in fact the answer given by 'Manuel' is incorrect and Dou should have actually marked thst translation as incorrect..


No, because there is no way for Manuel (or us) to know that "the yard" is not a farmyard or courtyard, or any other kind of yard. It could be a shipyard for all we know.

Unless one speaks American one doesn't know that Americans call their gardens "yards".

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