"sìde mhath"

Translation:good weather

May 22, 2020



In English, we can say "good weather?" with a rising terminal to indicate a question. Can you do the same in Gaelic?


What is the difference between this and coltach?


Again, heared sìde dhath but guessed this one right! So this is a peciliarity of pronunciation: mh > dh.


I certainly hear the expected /ʃiːdʲe va/ with mhath sounding… well, like mhath /va/ when I listen to sìde mhath in the recordings in sìde vocab entry.

No idea what you mean by *dhath but that would be pronounced /ɣa/ (the same as *ghath, since both d and g give the same sound when lenited) in Gaelic and it’s definitely not what I hear in the recording.


Well, the sound may have been distorted on my notebook, I heard something like /ɣa/...

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