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  5. "I need something else."

"I need something else."

Translation:Feumaidh mi rudeigin eile.

May 22, 2020



Had trouble trying to spell rudeigin with out peaking. Breaks the caol ri caol agus leathann ri leathann rule.


"rudeigin" looks obviously related to "rud/rudan" (a thing/things)

the -eigin ending isn't something I recognise. does this get used elsewhere (like, a suffix/mutation that makes the noun abstract?) or is this just a different word?

  • 1805

My understanding is that it means 'some'. Rudeigin = something. Cuideigin = someone. Latha-eigin = some day (though I've never seen this in the wild myself, it's in the dictionary).

This is what Dwelly on Am Faclair Beag has on it: https://www.faclair.com/ViewDictionaryEntry.aspx?ID=4B24B79BB31F708C052D2EAFEFFC40DC


Taing, taing, agus taing a-rithist! :)

  • 1805

'S e do bheatha! :)


I can't get past this level. Why can I not access further learning past this exercise?


Because the contributors are working very hard on finishing the rest of the Gaelic tree, but this is all that is currently available... check the main forum for other options to learn Gaelic while waiting patiently for them to add the 2nd part. ;-)


' tha mi a ' faicinn' can this not do as well?

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