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"I only travel to countries at peace."

Translation:Je voyage seulement dans des pays en paix.

May 22, 2020



Je voyage seulement aux pays en paix??


The English has "travel to". The french seems to be "travel in". Does "dans" really mean "to" in this case? Thanks.


I haven't found a word yet that would mean "to". All these prepositions seem to mean both in on or at somewhere and going to these places too. Je vais à Paris. Je suis à Paris. Nous allons dans ce bistrot. Nous sommes dans ce bistrot...


Je ne voyage que dans des pays en paix?


accepted May 21


Could someone explain why this is "des" instead of "les". I had understood that "les" was used for particular things, but also for expressing things in general. Seems to me that "countries at peace" is a general statement. As in "I only travel to countries (in general) that are at peace"


And it's because of the general-ness that you use "des," which is the indefinite pronoun!


Yet French uses the definite article as the generic article, NOT the indefinite article.


Imo, we know all the countries that are in peace. Therefore "les" should be accepted.


Outrageous. 1 exercise off 'perfect' and they misdirect me. In not to, FFS. Sitesurf, is 'travel to' really dans des not aux?


Ditto...if "dans des" is truly correct, the the translation should have been "in countries" not "to..." Merci


Google Translate used "dans," so I guess we're stuck with it.


Agree totally. Duo does this on purpose. I have no idea why. The question definitely asked for "to" not "in" If there's a reason for this why not let us know? Interestingly I put my answer on Google translate and it described the question exactly. I am not amused!


All I'm getting is your anger, and I would like to find out what you think about the French here. What is the French wording that you prefer? How should we say "to countries at peace"? What did you put into Google?


No-one would ever say this. We might say "I never travel to countries that are at war or in a state of conflict".

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