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"She lives on the fourth floor of this apartment building."

Translation:Elle habite au quatrième étage de cet immeuble.

May 22, 2020



The word 'apartment' is gone here. Does it mean that the word 'immeuble' already implicitly mean an apartment?


The word bâtiment means a general building. Immeuble specifically means apartment building.


immeuble on it's own is not necessarily an apartment building. An immeuble de bureaux for example is an office building.


Does it mean that the word 'immeuble' already implicitly mean an apartment?

That's it.


à vs au, I need to search up the rules


Maybe you've found it by now, but à + le = au. So à on its own doesn't include the the.


if you translate "apartment building" in french by Google" than it is "immeuble d'appartements". So it should be accepted by Duolingo!


Is there no "deuxième étage" in French? Rez de chaussée, premier, troisième, quatrième, etc?


Au rez-de-chaussée, au premier etage, au deuxième etage etc.

UK: on the ground floor, on the first floor, on the second floor etc.

USA: on the ground (or first) floor, on the second floor, on the third floor etc.

In Europe, including the UK, the first floor is the floor above the ground floor.


Has anyone tried "Elle habite sur le quatrième étage de cet immeuble."

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