"Quante settimane ha il tuo bambino?"

Translation:How many weeks old is your baby?

May 9, 2013

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Anyone know why it's "Il tuo bambino"? I thought we dropped the article on immediate (singular) family members


Just two sentences before 'bambino' meant boy, now that's not okay and it has to mean baby? Seems a bit inconsistent


I understood the sentence in another context. Let's imagine your father helps you to take care of your child during about one month. Then, one of your friend asks you about your father:

  • 'Quante settimane ha il tuo bambino?' / 'How many weeks does he have your child?'

Could it be a correct sentence in that context?


Hm no, in that case it would be "Per quante settimane ha il tuo bambino?" (For how many weeks does he have your child?). This sentence has two readings, one asking for the child's age, and one asking how long the child has left (to live?) :)

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