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Suggestions for forum

Sentence Discussions:

  1. Sort them according to their skill level

    • Show only sentences from skills that you mastered
  2. Question Answered sign or some other way for us who like to help people by browsing sentence discussions and answering their questions to know which threads still need attention.

May 9, 2013



yes, i have had a hard time getting my questions answered because i post them in a specific topic thread that rarely gets clicked on.


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it's not as easy as we'd like to sort through the sentence discussion threads. Adding some more context is a great idea. Right now, you can look under 'new' to discover the threads that may need the most attention. You can always take a look at the number of comments the thread has received. If zero comments have been aded - then it might be a good place to start. We are improving the discussion design, so that it's easier to discover what might need attention. Love that you're eager to contribute.

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