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help with french

i need someone whos fluent in french to help me learn more french and give me tips on how to remember words better

May 22, 2020



Many French words have the same root with English or Spanish ones. In fact, it is all about memorisation. Write down the words and try to memorise them/learn them by heart, along with their translations. Then have someone check you, for example one of your friends. Try to do the French stories, so as to revise what you learn. Revise all the words you learn regularly. Make sentences with the new words you meet. Connect their sounds with other words in your mother tongue. These are some tips I use, you can find a lot more by just asking or doing research on the Internet. Happy learning!


thank you so much


I am! what do u need?


Try and do something every day. If that is not enough - use flashcards. For French learn the gender with the noun eg memorize "un homme".

Make sure you read the tips before each skill - and sentence discussions after the lesson. Take notes. And use the hover method (do not take each skill to level 5 quickly) - https://blog.duolingo.com/whats-the-best-way-to-learn-with-duolingo/ (this gives you the best chance to remember long term and to understand the material)

Plus all the usual things for studying. Eat well. Sleep well. Take mini-breaks every 10-15 minutes and long breaks every 90 minutes or so.


Isn't that why you signed up to Duolingo????? I am confused, unless you have a specific question to ask.


FR: Salut, je peux t'aider! EN: Hi, I can help you!


thank you so much I have been trying to learn french for a while, so I know easy phrases. But it's hard to remember longer sentences.


Yes, I understand! ;) French is my native language and I learn english at school, so if you have a question, tell me!


You aren’t supposed to memorize sentences. You’re supposed to understand how to make your own. That’s what Duolingo helps with.

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