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"Tha mi a' dol a-mach a-rithist."

Translation:I am going out again.

May 23, 2020



I misheard and put "dol a math" and it accepted it. I knew it was wrong, but my brain could not process "a-mach"...


There is no option to put in an apostrophe so how can i have a typo in my answer?


Why has this been marked as incorrect, please? I have written exactly what you have now said is the correct answer!


I had the words in the right order, but accents were not offered and it was counted wrong. This has happened several times in this session.


Again the words were in the correct order, but it was counted wrong That is Eight times this session.


ten times now I had the words in the right order and since you did not give an option for accents it is counted wrong


could someone please explain the difference between the "a-" and the "a' "? thx


Well, in Gaelic, one of the definite articles is the a’ which is used in front of feminine words beginning with the consonants b, c, g, m, and p. It is also used as part of the verbal noun- as in a’ coiseachd, a’ bruidhinn or in this case, a’ dol. This makes it the equivalent of English 'walking', 'speaking', 'going'.

Now, the hyphen has to do with emphasis/stress. Usually in Gaelic, stress falls on the first syllable of a word. The hyphen in the "a-" means the stress is on the second syllable. I think these might help.



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