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"I'm sorry, but I can't accept."

Translation:Je suis désolée, mais je ne peux pas accepter.

May 23, 2020



Pas should not be required in this sentence per the "ne littéraire" rule for pouvoir I wrote "je suis désolé mais je ne peux accepter" which was marked wrong.


I doubt if Duo would like "toutafé" either!

I think you're right that it should be accepted, but I also think that it's a bit beyond the level which Duo is trying to teach.


Why 'desole' is not accepted? I am not a female


I do believe it's Duolingo's fault that I didn't put "mais". It was an honest mistake and I should be paid damages for it.


Why not: Je suis désolée, mais je n'arrive pas à accepter.

In the "Career" section "je n'arrive pas à ..." was used for I'm unable to / I can't.


How do we know whether it is a male or female speaking? "I am sorry but I can't accept."


How do I distinq Guish when to use the male or the female form?

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