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I finished my entire Duo course

It took me 250 days. Now I need to have conversations on a regular basis. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks

May 23, 2020



Very impressive! well, make sure that you use your language daily, by saying phrases and sentices you would normally say in your native language, in your target language. This will help you keep the language in your head, and well as up your conversation levels. Good luck!


Will do. Thank you


Wow! Well done - that's a huge accomplishment.
Nice streak and level, too.

ConversationExchange.com - for finding language exchange partners
Free4Talk.com - for group chats online with or without video
discord.gg/eXe4Cv2 - a well moderated group of (mostly? all?) Duolingo users with channels for various languages. Text and/or audio. Also channels for asking questions.


Great! Thank you. I'll check them all out. I only managed it thanks to covid19!


Some good always comes from horrible tragedies! Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.


Félicitations! When it rains lemons, make lemonade!


Discord would probably be very useful for having conversations in your target language on a regular basis.


Check out HelloTalk or Tandem, they are free language learning apps where you can meeting people that speak your target language.


Thank you! will do. I am getting so many suggestions. I didn't realise there was that much out there.


Have you got an "Alliance française" group in your city? Their get-togethers would probably be a good place to start, in order to practice. Here's their link:


It might be challenging, though. I think most of their members are native French speakers living in a particular city outside of France (or a native French-speaking place) who want to socialize and network with other native French speakers who are in the same place. They have groups all over the world, plus several American cities.

But I could be wrong, maybe it has changed and a lot of people just go there to learn and practice French.

And you certainly do not appear to shrink from a challenge! :-)


If you know someone that speaks the language you want to practice maybe you could call/meet them...

Note: Reply to this comment here if you want me to read it :D have a nice day!


Good idea. I was teaching french executives, English, before lockdown. They'll probably appreciate the practice.


:D great to know

Note: Reply to this comment here and i'd be very grateful :D have a nice day!


wow thats amazing keep going




Thanks! Now comes the hard part.


I really really recommend Italki. I've been using it recently and my conversation has improved a lot. They have teaching experience and the lessons are really cheap/about 10USD/hour. (+ if you use the referral code we both get $10USD worth of free lessons) ))))). https://www.italki.com/i/FABbfe?hl=en-us

This teacher is really good: https://www.italki.com/teacher/6008433

Otherwise, if you're into video games, there are a lot of multiplayer games with audio that might be good if you feel that your french is good enough. It can be hard to get a french friend to talk with via audio but its possible.


Thank you. Will check it all out.


Bravo! Congratulations !


First of all, Congratulations! Listen to French podcasts and attend video meet-ups where you can speak and listen to others. Youtube has some good videos that can help you improve your pronunciation - a key challenge when learning French. Before you can master conversation, you must hone your listening skills. Bonne chance! A+++


My biggest challenge is the accent..atrocious


Up until a few days ago there were lots of levels after Level 7 shown. I have now finished level 7 but everything else after that has disappeared . Is that it? Am I allowed to go no further?


Seems we are on our own. I've decided to go over it all again!


Try it in reverse!


During French class in secondary school, our teacher always started the leçon with some news fragments from France 24. Not only are you keeping up with news around the world, it's also a way to practice your listening. Also, listening to French music and singing along can help a great deal with pronunciation!


I have found lots of success using different discord servers!! Look them up on reddit :)


Congratulations! Try seeing if there's a French speaking community where you live. Many refugees and asylum seekers are from countries that are former French colonies so that opens you up to a whole lot of extra people, many of whom would love a chance to talk to people in a language they grew up in. Also read in French as much as possible and listen to French podcasts, books, or newscasts. I know there's a website for news in slow X language, like newsinslowfrench.com. Thanks for sharing. It's encouraging to hear that someone has gotten through so far. But 8 hours????? I feel like it will take me years.


two hundred and fifty days ! seems insane. i have been at it for about two years and still have a month or so left


If you have a brother or sister you can get them to learn your language so you can talk to each other in that language.



Question, something I have been curious about for a while. To get to your level, did you go through every single layer, one through five, of every single crown? Or did you kind of "power up" the tree by testing out of levels and it still gave you the "crown credits" and points?



I powered through everything painstakingly and frustratingly every day! I learned a lot more than language. During covid I did around 8 hours a day every day for the last 2 months. I still feel like I don't know french though. I need to start speaking!


I find myself doing the tests instead of going through five lessons per topic. You get only one crown per test passed. But it sure goes a lot faster.


"You get only one crown per test passed. But it sure goes a lot faster."

That's what I was wondering about; I'm doing it the "hard" way like Loanna.

Thanks to both of you, Loanna and Mike.


It actually got easier in the last third if the course and you get higher rewards. That motivated me. Especially as I did all the stories in a couple of days. So couldn't get my competitive fix there.


"I need to start speaking!"

Are you still in touch with the French executives you were teaching?

I'm sure they would be very impressed if you started speaking to them in their own language. :-)

But I know what you mean about the accent, that can be one of the hardest things, LOL!


Yes I am too embarrassed about my accent so Im going to focus on that. Im halfway through Italian which I've also been doing. My accent is great in that but my grammer is hardwork!


Yes. They're all inviting me on holiday so they can practice their English! Lol


"they're all inviting me on holiday so they can practice their English! Lol"

I guess you're joking about that, given the LOL...

Did you see my post above, about the Alliance française:


It looks like they have practically exploded all over the world since I last checked them out -- which was quite a while ago, I do admit.

There sure are a lot of people all over the world who want to learn French.

I never realized that before, I thought the "big" language was English...


I see this a lot, where people get really far in Duo but feel like they don't much. There are a few things you should be doing, if you aren't doing them already.

In Duolingo: Use the keyboard to type out every answer. Don't use the word bank. Turn off the speaking exercises and say every sentence out loud. Read all the tips. Do all the stories (assuming the language has them) and revisit them often.

Outside of Duolingo: Watch TV shows and movies in your target language with subtitles in that language. Keep them on, even if you feel like you understand enough without them. Don't use your native language subtitles, even if you think you need them. Shadow the pronunciation of things you here. Single words, snippets of a sentence, or singing along with songs. Read in your target language. Use apps like CLOZEMASTER, and books that are graded readers, parallel text / interlinear books, until you can move on to native-level books. Find people to do a language exchange with. HelloTalk, Tandem, Discord, MeetUp, Reddit, etc.

As you get further along in these other things, I suspect you will come to realize that Duolingo gave you more of a foundation than you realize.


You are so right. I'm getting lots of good suggestions. I will try them all over the next year.


how many lessons were you doing per day?


If each lesson is 5 parts each, then I was doing 5 lessons which is 25 parts.


Do you feel that you can actually have a conversation with someone if they were to speak to you in your new language?


Yes. But not as fluently as i want. But I seem to have a much better understanding of grammar. Also I teach English to french people as a job. So do get some real life practice.


one question now that you ended your course can you say that youre kind o fluent and one more do they teach negative sentences and past or future sentences too?


At the beginning I couldn't understand anything listening to the french station 'France Info', now that's much more satisfying. Speaking is now my greatest weakness.


Take a virtual trip abroad? Vr Chat seems to work.


Wow! Congratulations.


Bravo. I have been flatlining mine...


That's awesome--congrats! How much did you practice every day?


I used the covid situation and practised up to 10 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Omegle/Tinder/Newspaper sites/ TV , ect


You can chat with someone in the website in French or you can read the French newspapers, books. I recomment it


There is a french discord server where you can join to chat rooms and talk. Go to reddit, search the French Subreddt, and next to 'Posts' there is a tab that says 'Discord Server'. Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/French/


link is helpful . thanks for posting


This one is cool! Thank you


Congrats! I think that babble has conversations.


Yes. I started my journey with Babble. I finished most of that too.


il y a des groupes pour les etudiantes de duolingo sur facebook. mais, est-ce que vous avez essaye de commencer une conversation ici?


Desolee. je n'aime pas le Facebook. mais il y a plutot beacoup des propositions ici. Merci


Wow...I am so impressed. Keep up the good work. I have been doing Duolingo for 5 years now (actually took 1 year break in there) but I am still not all the way through...and I feel like I work on it so much every day. How did you do it?


Grace a Covid19!


Kudos to you once again. I just heard about iTalki from JoyofLanguages. I am going to try it out tomorrow. Here you can do videos one-on-one with instructors. From my understanding for a small fee you can have a one-hour video session with an instructor. You can choose a structured or less formal instructor. I hear that there are other sites too. This site seems safest and more valuable to me. I hope that this helps. A bientot!


That takes a lot of discipline, and it's super amazing you completed the course in less than a year, so félicitations!! Out of curiousity, if someone were to speak to you in French, how comfortable/confident would you feel in carrying a conversation?


I would definitely understand them and I would also know what to say but it would not sound very french. Lol!


Good job, I suggest using your chosen language in your everyday speech, like words you would use a lot, and change it to that language.


That is superb! Very well done. Here's a lingot from me.


Merci beaucoup! I have 3536 lingots I don't know what to do with so I'll give you one back!


Haha! Thanks!


I recommend Italki.com too. It has made a big difference to me, I knew a fair amount of "theoretical" French but had no confidence to actually hold a conversation, which requires a whole set of other skills, and practice. You can find either professional teachers, or some very good "community" teachers who still give very good lessons. I have two regular teachers, one professional and one not, with slightly different styles, and have a lesson with one or the other every week.


:o that is awsome


Loanna, so how confident are you using the language? Are you fluent in everyday situations if you go to France? Did you use other resources while learning on Duo?


I am confident in writing and I teach french people English but I don't get much opportunity to have a full converstaion with them (naturally they want to speak English). My accent is terrible and I lack confidence in speaking. But I do find now that I can listen comfortably to my favoutite french radio stations such as RTL or France Info. I actually (surprised myself) found myself following political discussions. I did Babble for about 6 months before I found Duo. I am also close to the end of Italian on Duo but that was more of a refresher as I learnt it to Advanced level as a child. I can speak that pretty fluently again. To be fair, I am obsessed with learning languages. I've been spending 8-10 hours a day studying.

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