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"I don't understand what he means."

Translation:Je ne comprends pas ce qu'il veut dire.

May 23, 2020



Why not "exprime" it was used before to say what a painting "means"


only because you can't use dire with an inanimate object


Why not 'qu'il méchante'?


The verb "to mean" translates to vouloir dire (or signifier in some other context). You confused it with the adjective "mean" that indeed translates to méchant (masculine singular) or méchante (feminine singular).


Thanks, I had not realised that in English "to mean" and being "mean" are the same word with a different meaning. Oh, and that is the third use of the same word ;-) In English "mean" has many, eh, meanings..: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/mean In other languages, that might be very different. Méchante is used for "unkind or unpleasant"

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