"They live for eighteen months."

Translation:Vivono diciotto mesi.

May 9, 2013



Answer with "per" accepted 8/29/14

August 29, 2014


Rejected, however, 7/20/2018. ??

July 21, 2018


Just curious, is there a reason why I cannot use "per" after vivono?...as in They live FOR 18 months.

May 9, 2013


i used "per", and duolingo accepted it.

November 14, 2013


Why would you want to use an extra word when you don't need to? The verb "vivere" can be translated as "to live for". In a previous post, someone kindly provided us with a few other similar verbs: pagare, cercare, aspettare, chiedere (pay, look, wait, ask FOR).

August 27, 2014


If it is the same as in Spanish, I'd say it's more natural to say this without "per", but that doesn't mean you can't use it at all. In fact, I just used it and Duo thought it was okay.

June 21, 2013


The answer with "per" NOT accepted on 7/4/14.

July 4, 2014


Does this mean that we will let them live for 18 more months, or that the natural life-span is only 18 months? Or can it mean both?

February 20, 2016
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