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reading tips

hello iam hermione_22 i speak arabic and french and i learn english. i loooooove very very very much reading can you please advise me easy english books. if you speak well you can read Harry Potter it is amazing(i read it in french) and thank you

May 23, 2020



A series that I like just as much as Harry Potter is the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, and any other book by him! I highly recommend it, though you'll definitely need a dictionary. Bonne lecture/happy reading!


Yes! Even though I am a super big HP fan, Percy Jackson is probably my second favorite fantasy series.


yes they are the best


like please !!☺☻


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, is easier than the Harry Potter books (Notice that you can download it as a pdf file from that page, or download it in other formats here). Also, it is translated into many languages, so you can find copies of it to read when you are starting to read other languages. It is for children, but the story is good, and the English will be quite easy to read.

Or take some of the suggestions here or suggestions (for French) here.


thank you very very much


It's my pleasure. I hope you will have the best of success with your studies.


You should try Fablehaven. It is one of my absolute favourite series!


When you feel you're amazing in English...Read HARRY potter in English..


i am not AMAZING in english i am beginner (or intermediate)


My French is also around intermediate and I'm reading it. It helps A LOT when you know the story well already. And I keep the original version close and look there when I see words that I don't know or when I don't really get the context, instead of looking it up in the dictionary. You can try the same with your French books while reading the English version.


Good, easy books would be: Harry Potter (in English), because knowing what the book is about should help; Fantastic Mr. Fox (and other books by Roald Dahl); and Dr. Suess.


Ohhh! I love harry potter too. I'd reccomend the Famous Give series.


it is 8 books in the collection


I would recommend reading children stories/fairy tales to begin with.


I don't really know what kind of books you like, but here are some books that I have liked.

Wishtree by K.A. Applegate

Land of Stories by Chris Colfer

and Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

Hope that Helped!


Land of Stories is really good!!


i love harry potter as well. I would suggest reading Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin.


I already finished the serese but thank for the sudjustion


Ham on Ray by Bukowski


Harry Potter is AWESOME!!!

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