"She has a very advanced level."

Translation:Elle a un niveau très avancé.

May 24, 2020

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The English doesn't work here. "She has a very advanced level of ....(something)." or "She is at a very advanced level." Classic erroneous back-translation from the French. Bad, Duo!


What is this rubbish.......she has a very advanced level of WHAT?????


Seems like we need one more word to make this a complete sentence. She has a ?? (and it's very advanced. You should be impressed). My levels are simple bubble levels, not very advanced.


This is a complete sentence without any additional words. "Niveau" means level.


Yes, niveau = level (even for carpenters and other tradesmen). I am not familiar with the term Advance Level as it doesn't seem to be used in America. Wikipedia lists 13 countries that do use that term, including the UK. In America, we do have Advanced Placement (AP) classes. That seems like it might be similar.

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    What about "Il a un niveau très avancé"? It was not accepted?


    The English says "she" (elle), il is he.

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