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When do I have to use die, das, or der?

I thought I had to use them before a noun no matter what was in the rest of the sentence but it is now seeming more as though I use it when I literally mean THE _.

Example used in Duolingo: Du isst Brot.

So, all in all, my question is actually- do I have to use them if I do not want to say 'the' before my noun? I hope my question makes sense, thank you.

August 13, 2012



I think it's the nearly the same than in english. "Du isst Brot" -> "You eat bread", but "Du benutzt DEN Hammer" -> "You use THE hammer" .....


It is the same in English. By saying You eat bread [Du isst Brot] you're making bread vague (vaguer than saying you eat the bread [Du isst das Brot]).

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