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Gaelic learning helps?

I would like to have some helps for learning Gaelic. I have some songs, but is there anything simple I could do to help my immersion and retention?

May 24, 2020



There are quite a few online options for practice and learning. Here are a few:


LearnGaelic has quite a few options for learning and review. There is a beginner course here (or look at the pull down menu for beginners):


Gaelic with Jason has a number of free videos on Youtube. These include basic and more advanced videos, all are very clear and understandable. Look at the playlists he has put together.


Storlann has a number of pdfs and recordings for learners. Here is the main page for their Ceumannan series:


And here is the pdf for Ceumannan Book 1:


If you use the search field on Duolingo discussions, there are a number of other options that other learners have recommended.

Also Mango Languages has a free Scottish Gaelic course for beginners that uses a different approach and has some different vocabulary words to learn.



If you're using other apps or books, get a flashcard app like Anki. Tip: write the questions in English so you have to translate, my retention and understanding is just so much better that way round :)

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