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  5. "A cat is coming out."

"A cat is coming out."

Translation:Een kat komt eruit.

July 28, 2014



And we love him just the same


"It wants the world to know. It's got to let it show."


Why would you use "eruit" here instead of just "uit?"


I think Guaranteeist is onto something. "Eruit" is used intstead of "uit" because you can also say, "A cat is coming out of there," or, "A cat is coming out of it." I believe it also simply suggests the cat is coming out of something without directly stating what it is.

I may be wrong as well, but I think this is pretty close.


what about "een kat is eruit aan het komen"? did i write that correctly?


I have the same doubt. Anybody?


native dutch here.

its a correct sentence. but if you use this, you say: the cat is comming out of it.


Perhaps it is because an extended sentence would be "a cat is coming out of there". The presence of the word "there" would indicate the usage of the prefix "-er" in the dutch and thus "eruit" is used instead of "uit". That may be completely untrue but that's how I see it!


So is this sentence correct in real life if I'm not going to say where the cat is coming out from? "een kat komt uit."


native dutch here.

this is a weird sentence. becouse a cat is not hatching, an that is what you are saying if you use this. you can use this sentence, but its necessary to say where its comming from.

hope this will help you.


what is the diffrences of eruit, buiten, and uit? pls give me a lingot n repley


<een kat komt er uit> er uit = actually two words'The meaning : the cat is coming out of something, f.i. out of the house.but <the cat is coming out> so without "there"is nonsens'a cat is not coming out.


Congratulations to the cat. It takes a lot of strength and guts to do so!

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