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"De hoeveelheid water is belangrijk."

Translation:The amount of water is important.

July 28, 2014



So the "hoeveelheid" is how+many/much+ness...


What is up with being able to drop "of"? For example, "bord pasta" --> plate of pasta, and here, "hoeveelheid water" --> amount of water.


This phenomenon is called "partitive apposition" and involves measurements.

Basically, in cases where there is a measurement followed by what is being measured, as with "bord" and "hoeveelheid", there is no need for a preposition.

What is being measured directly follows the measurement.

More possible measurements:

  • een kopje koffie (a cup of coffee)
  • een fles water (a bottle of water)
  • een kilogram appels (a kilogram of apples)
  • een aantal landen (a number of countries)

etc. etc.


i though"het water " so i think something is wrong here


"de" is reversing to "hoeveelheid" so it is "the amount" It would still be het water but there is no article used here


why 'de' and not 'het'?


'De' refers to hoeveelheid (the amount), not 'water'. 'of' is not needed in the Dutch version of 'The amount of water is important.'


Why is "the water amount is important" wrong?


You could say that in English, but it sounds very unnatural. You'd almost always say "the amount of water" instead.


i don't think it's unnatural. It depends on the context. For instance when giving a formula or a recipe. However, let's suppose that its unnatural. Shouldn't it be considered right?


Saying "amount water" (or the reverse) confuses a quantity with a proportion (i.e. water is being diluted into something)

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