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  5. "Duo, did you go back home?"

"Duo, did you go back home?"

Translation:Duo, tu es retourné chez toi ?

May 24, 2020



So, retourner and rentrer are synonymous.


Hi, In this sentence you can use both and say the same thing.

"Retourner" has more the idea of going one way and doing a u-turn to go back to the previous situation. In the case of "going back home", you were at home, you went somewhere and now you're coming back where you were before.

You can also use "retourner" as "give back". "J'ai retourné le livre à a bibliothèque". I gave the book back to the library.

With "rentrer" you have more the idea of going to your home. You can say "je rentre" without even mentioning "chez toi" or "à la maison". "Rentrer" has the idea of going somewhere you know or where you are used to be.

You can also use "rentrer" as "enter". "Je rentre dans le magasin" => I enter the shop. vs "Je rentre au magasin" => I am going back to the shop (for example if it is your shop).

Have fun with learning French :)


Not really, but in this precise sentence both can be used.


What is wrong with

Duo tu es rentres chez toi

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