"Tha an spàin agam briste."

Translation:My spoon is broken.

May 24, 2020

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"I have a broken spoon" was not accepted. Can anyone help me understand why? Would that be "Tha an spàin briste agam"?


Almost. "I have a broken spoon" would be tha spàin bhriste agam: no definite article and lenition of the adjective briste to bhriste because spàin is a feminine noun.

In tha [an spàin agam] {briste}, briste is the predicate to the subject noun phrase an spàin agam "my spoon".

In tha [spàin bhriste] {agam}, agam falls outside the subject noun phrase and is a prepositional complement to the verb, just as in m.e. tha [spàin bhriste] {air a' bhòrd} "there is [a broken spoon] {on the table}".

Hope that clears it up!


Great explanation; thank you!

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