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  5. "The cow is clean."

"The cow is clean."

Translation:De koe is schoon.

July 28, 2014



Alternative: De koe is proper.

I'd argue "Schoon" would be more quickly attributed to something looking pretty, whereas 'proper' only exists in the context of cleanliness.


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Thank you!


On the other hand, it's useful for us non-natives to be aware of these nuances.


Gotcha. Thanks for the heads up.


The cow is clean. It’s a clean cow. De koe is zuiver. Het is een zuivere koe. De koe is proper. Het is een propere koe. But the word “schoon” is more like pretty. See next sample: De koe is schoon. Het is een schone koe.( This means: It is a beautiful cow. All native Dutch speakers will more consider this as a nice, a pretty or beautiful cow.)

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