"If I'm afraid, I won't go in the waves."

Translation:Si j'ai peur, je n'irai pas dans les vagues.

May 24, 2020

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Because it’s such a weird thing to say, I checked the prompt, and accordingly changed my ‘irai dans’ to ‘entrerai dans’, only to have it marked wrong! This set of exercises really does annoy me - not a kid of 16 off surfing and snowboarding every two minutes but an older woman with job and house!!!


Why is "avoir" in present tense and not future?


Well it's present tense in the english sentence as well, isn't it?


That doesn't matter; French is supposed to use a "parallel-future" construction here.


that's silly. read the tips before you start a new section. the use is identical to english in this situation.

"S'il fait beau, nous irons à la plage !"

"Just like in English, you use the present after si, then the future to say what'll happen."

Si j'ai le temps, je t'appellerai. If I have time, I will call you.
Si tu étudies, tu auras une bonne note. If you study, you will get a good grade.

(Tips section-Weather)


Good question; according to material presented in the "Future" lessons, I figured 'avoir' would be in the future tense as well.

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