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  5. "Zij heeft lange haren."

"Zij heeft lange haren."

Translation:She has long hair.

July 28, 2014



Why is there haar (sg.) and haren (pl.) in Dutch? I thought it would be uncountable.... If there's a difference between these two, when will they be used ?


I assume it is like in German, where singular and plural are both synonyms and neither is more or less correct than the other. They can both refer to the 'collective' hair on top of a person's head. If I am wrong about the use in Dutch, please feel free to correct me.


Is the plural always used when talking about hair rather than a hair?


No, you can also say Zij heeft lang haar.


Hmmmm guys, why is this sentence here? What does this have to do with "Health"? Haren was not even in the lesson's words


I think it is because of kort-short and koorts-fever, so we can distinguish them I really can't find any other reason :)


Does this mean she has something like 5 long hairs on her head and the rest short?


We should probably report "She has long hairs." as an unnatural English sentence, unless after chemotherapy they are surprised that some hair is still long.


Without further context, as you already explained, this sentence can mean she has long hairs.


So, we have our answer, that without further context both "hair" and "hairs" should be accepted. So no need to report anything.

It would however be more common in English to use "hair" in the singular as an uncountable word to mean the covering of hairs on the head. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/hair


No, it just means that her hair is long. If I want to say what you described, I'd say: "Ze heeft een paar lange haren." - "She has a few long hairs.".


Haha. Oke thank you foothils! :)


Or like. Coats of an animal with hair.... but I thought coats were fur. Can you have coats of hair?


No, people do not have a coat of hair. Each animal has a coat of fur. Coat is used in the singular for each animal. Coats of fur involve more animals.

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