Hi, when I click on a word in the list, the box appears on the right with a description of the word but when I click on more details I just get a grey screen. I thought for example it would conjugate the verb for me. Thanks

July 28, 2014


What IOS version are you using?

Do you know if Duo-duels will be available on the web version?

7.1.2 I think!

Mine is also 7.1.2

I have the same problem when I use an iPad, but it is fine with a Mac. Have you reported it through support?

Yes I did thanks and yes I am using an ipad.

I guess that's the issue, then; hopefully if lots of people report it, it will get fixed!!

So where do you find this list of words. I have the count of new words, but nothing I do with it tells me what they are.

I fear you are in the group without it, if you do not have a 'words' tab at the top of your page!

Same problem here. I have a list of words, but cannot access the drop down list. Any suggestions?

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