"Les personnes qui ont la peau claire ne doivent pas rester au soleil."

Translation:People who have fair skin must not stay in the sun.

May 25, 2020

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“People that have fair skin mustn't stay in the sun“. Pourquoi pas ?


This is because the darker skin have more melanin therefore protected from the sun.


what is fair skin???


As others have mentioned in this discussion, it means pale or light skin.


Why is "Fair slinned people should not stay out in the sun" wrong? To me it says the same thing,


Why does « la peau » not agree in number with « Les personnes »? If it was « les gens », would there have been a difference?


No, no different. "La peau" is singular because they each only have one skin. Note that in English it is also singular, "skin", not "skins".

It is also correct in both languages to say Do you always wear a black coat? for the same reasons, but unfortunately so many English speakers get this wrong that it no longer sounds incorrect, whereas to say "People who have fair skins" still sounds wrong to most people.

So many people complained about the correct usage in that exercise that Duo has changed it to the incorrect usage.


it's singular because it's not about their individual skins, it's about the state of their skin, it's fair. they have fair skin, they have red hair, they have leprosy, it's a condition that they all have.. black coat/s is a red herring here.


I pressed "au" and the word disappeared itself from my answer??!!


That would be "ne devraient pas".

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