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Foreign Service Institute Language Programs Online

Hey Duolingo Community check out the following link: http://fsi-language-courses.org/Content.php

This will take you to an online database where you can choose from a multitude of language programs that the Foreign Service Institute has made available to the public. I think Duolingo + FSI course is a great way to make progress in a language. I hope this helps!

May 9, 2013



Thx a million Levi ;)


Sure thing. The French program they have is pretty extensive and detailed! I'd give it a look.


Yup, i went right away to that section... there is rly plenty of things to do.... i see you started French!! But my french is not just through Duo. Ive bought 2 books from France and another one from a University in Brazil. I finished them all. So, duo is when i have free time. It will be better when i get the android app. And i read many articles in French, listen to many things... now its about the time to have some private lessons to keep it up... but i havent finished my tree yet... and there are also many languages on the site, but i havent see about portuguese.. Bons estudos para ti. Te vejo por aí.... hasta luego... à plus


I'm sure the courses are great, but I couldn't help LOLing at the audio in the one in my language (Swedish). It must have been made in the 60s, and boy do people sound different today! - Don't make that stop you though, if you learn from a course like that you'll easily pick up more modern language later anyway.


Yeah, haha, it is definitely dated as is the method used in the course (audio lingual) it's really just a decent and free resource that Duolingo users can use to supplement their studies here. I find it amazing that if you are smart you can use the internet to score a pretty solid foreign language education for free. Enjoy :)


Totally agree, internet at its best! And thank you for the link, I will use it.


I'm so happy to see so many people checking this out. I'll try to post more great Spanish and Portuguese resource links ASAP. :-)


Thanks a bunch for sharing, Levi! ♡ I'll be working on my French pronunciation using this (along with some other stuff).


De rien! Good luck I dabbled in French a long while back and I saw that French program was, for whatever reason, much more detailed than the others. Also look into Pimsleur French if you want to really have 3 great tools to learn with! :)


Oh God... What do we do with a guy able to speak 4 languages 'au même temps'!! Congrats ;)


haha, NO def don't speak 4 languages. (In my dreams)


Call him Swiss?


Hey! Thank you very much for finding out about this site. We really appreciate it!


You're welcome. :)


this is pretty awesome!


I agree. The Portuguese and French program are pretty extensive and solid too. ;-)


Oh! I see Japanese. Happy day!! Minus the fact it's taking quite a while to load on my side, I'm really happy this exists. Thank you!


Really helpful Levi - many thanks


Thanks for the link.


De nada amiga. Suerte con tus estudios :)


Don't bother with this unless you want to learn terribly outdated language.


"Darf ich eine Empfehlung an den Herrn Gemahl ausrichten?" — this really sounds like a movie from the 60s ;-) I don't know about other languages, but the German material definitely is outdated. (Including outdated–i.e. wrong by today's standards – spelling conventions)


It is outdated in other languages too, but it's better than nothing :) there are some languages there I couldn't find elsewhere.


Maybe. I personally would rather invest some 30€ to buy a good textbook than start learning outdated material but that's my personal choice. The world is free ;-)


Really nice for the huge amount of languages but as other people said before, sounds terribly dated. Checked my language (hebrew) and it sounds like the old sitcoms that my parents kept from the 70s-80s.


Well, it is in the public domain now. A while back they took down the site, but I am glad to see it is back up. These courses were used by the government to teach people back in the day. The language structures could not have evolved all that much, but vocabulary has with the advent of technology new hip words. They sell it on Amazon in a nice new packaging for money!

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