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  5. "I drink juice."

"I drink juice."

Translation:Ik drink sap.

July 28, 2014



I am always unsure if i should be using 'drink' or 'drinkt'. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks.


If you are using "ik" it's "ik drink." If you switch to "jij/u/hij/zij" then also switch to "hij drinkt." (This changes if you use jij in a question, and put the verb first, in which case it would be "Drink jij...?")


It's very simple to remember with this : I never drink 'T'.

Ik drink Jij drinkt Hij drinkt


BeckyCarr explains it well. In dutch we use the rule "ik of jij erachter" which literally translates to: "I or you behind" those are the exceptions when the t isn't used. If you is behind like "drink jij / speel jij" (do you drink / do you play) the extra "t" isn't used. While when jij (you) is infront "jij drinkt / jij speelt" (you drink / you play) the "t" is used.


Geeze this is a mess.
To clear this up for anyone wondering:
Drink is for first person singular
Drinkt is for second and third person singular
Drinken is for plural.
So a chart for drinken would look like this:
- ik drink
- jij drinkt
- hij/ze drinkt
- wij drinken
- jullie drinken
- zij drinken


For all verbs (and this website has been shared before) I highly recommend http://www.verbix.com/languages/dutch.shtml - type "drinken" into the box, and you can see all the forms you would use in any situation.


Dear native dutch speakers is duolingo being correct grammicly?


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