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  5. "I drink juice."

"I drink juice."

Translation:Ik drink sap.

July 28, 2014



I am always unsure if i should be using 'drink' or 'drinkt'. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks.


If you are using "ik" it's "ik drink." If you switch to "jij/u/hij/zij" then also switch to "hij drinkt." (This changes if you use jij in a question, and put the verb first, in which case it would be "Drink jij...?")


Drinkt (drinks) singular. Drink (drink) plural


Sorry, dead wrong.

It is "drink" for first person singular, otherwise "drinkt" for second and third person singular.

For all persons plural, it is "drinken".

This is explained in the Tips and Notes for the first lesson!


Drink is just drink and drink"t" is drink"s"


That's not true. Jij drinkt is you drink in English.


For all verbs (and this website has been shared before) I highly recommend http://www.verbix.com/languages/dutch.shtml - type "drinken" into the box, and you can see all the forms you would use in any situation.


Geeze this is a mess.
To clear this up for anyone wondering:
Drink is for first person singular
Drinkt is for second and third person singular
Drinken is for plural.
So a chart for drinken would look like this:
- ik drink
- jij drinkt
- hij/ze drinkt
- wij drinken
- jullie drinken
- zij drinken


Dear native dutch speakers is duolingo being correct grammicly?


Drinkt is the singular form of drink in Dutch. "Drinkt" is to "drinks", "drink" is to "drink".


You mean plural form, but we get what you meant :)


Drinkt is not the plural form. It's just a distinction of person (1st person - ik vs. 3rd person - hij/zij/het) than of number

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