"Abbiamo parecchi appartamenti."

Translation:We have plenty of apartments.

May 9, 2013

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So is parecchi = "several", "quite a few", or "plenty"? All answers are accepted here but "plenty" is too different than the rest, to me; plenty and enough should be the same, maybe.


Plenty, quite a lot, more than sufficient, rather a lot. Depending on the item some translations wouldn't work as well, for instance 'several'.


"Ho parecchie macchine" would translate well for most people as "I have several cars".

"Ho parecchi cappelli" would not translate well for most people as "I have several hairs"!


Cappelli = hats Capelli = hairs


"Plenty" and "enough" aren't quite the same, though they are used similarly sometimes. "Enough" could be just barely enough; "plenty" is enough and possibly more than enough.


In my variety of English (Scottish), you never say "plenty of" but just plenty!


American English here, my thoughts as well. The ”of” is unnecessary.


I'm dying there are like 1000 different ways to say any, some, a lot of, etc. And what's the difference? Oh I have no idea (well maybe a little :D)


I have had some difficulty working out the right translation for parecchi-o-e etc too, but I think that you just pick the expression that fits the context, the common element being that they all mean more than just a small number - several, a lot, much, quite a few, quite some etc but if it is only a small number, a very few or some then use something like alcuni, qualche, pochi, un paio etc. Duo might not always approve all possible translations so you would need to report any that you know are correct but are not accepted. The easiest way to avoid this confusion and effort is to look at the first hint and take that one provided it looks correct, as I think most of the problems come from Duo only accepting a few of the possible translations for any given exercise.


I translated as 'We have plenty apartments.' but not accepted. Wanted 'plenty of apartments' which is not what I would normally say.


AmEnglish speaker here - I would definitely say plenty of apartments. We have plenty apartments sounds very wrong to my ears. We have apartments aplenty, sure, but that sounds old-fashioned.


Why not many apartments?


It's actually more proper to say plenty of, but you're right both should be accepted


Plenty apartments is colloquial not correct English like would of instead of would have.


And here I am struggling to find a first.

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Rising inequality


Wretched property investors making it harder and harder for first home buyers!


I cannot understand why "quite a few" is marked wrong. I suppose it depends on context and intonation. However, it still implies a lot or many or even plenty of!. Come on DL, think outside the box


Just checking: it seems we are allowed one spelling error in an answer, but two loses a heart - is that right?


Usually Duo allows one character to be wrong provided that the error does not create another valid word, as in the latter case it thinks you have put the wrong word rather than just made a typo. A missing character can count as wrong. Two wrong characters is counted as wrong. Accents and capitalization are usually not required.


I wrote "abbiamo parecchi apartimenti" and it failed me, it was just a spelling mistake! :(


Missing the single/double letter thing can get you into trouble with certain words ☺


I fell foul of that wretched "got" that DL loves so much! (I missed it out.)


They come in quite handy when we need to go under the blanket...


"We have quite a lot of appartments" should be accepted. Wake up DL


Re: "Abbiamo parecchi appartamenti."
Phillip925513: Duo also accepted: "We have several apartments".


Why not quite a lo of?


Why is "we have a number of apartments "no good? As far as I know a number of =lots of = many


Why not accept many? We have many apartments?


louisa761424: "Many" means "molti"/"molte".

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