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  5. "De banken zijn wit."

"De banken zijn wit."

Translation:The banks are white.

July 28, 2014



So is a river bank also the same?


How do you say "benches" in Dutch?


"banken" :)


I think the best way to know that this meant a financial institution and not a couch/bench/sofa, was that it was in the "places" skill area. Unfortunately, when strengthening skills, you wouldn't be able to know this for sure.


It is not usual to find more than one bank in a close vicinity, and at the same time white, while it is more usual to find more benches in, e.g. a park, that are in the same vicinity and white. Consequently, one would be inclined to think about benches before thinking about banks. In the absence of context, benches (or something similar) would be more correct, since a bench is also a place, although not a building. Had "banken" been singular in lieu of plural, it would have been a toss-up One could consider "a place" a location (even in space), irrelevant of the size.


Bedankt! I was wondering why/how the banks were white :D


Critical thinking in this case (an/or in most cases) demands the highest probability of something or of some event. Geen dank, tot uw dienst.


Is this a statement on the physical color of the banks or a commentary on racial domination of the banking system? ;)


I assumed it was the colour of the walls on the outside of the bank. It could also be a bench, which would make more sense. See above.


Since one of the translations of "banken" is "couches"--The sentence "The couches are white," should be accepted.

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