"teanga dhearg"

Translation:a red tongue

May 25, 2020

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Does teanga also mean language, as it does in Irish?


Dictionaries give rather cànan (masc.) as language (or sometimes cànain (fem.)) – akin to Irish canúint. Cainnt is also possible in Gaelic for speech, but cànan is definitely the default.

I haven’t seen teanga in Sc. Gaelic used this way (but that doesn’t mean a lot – I don’t have a lot of contact with this language outside of Duolingo). Colin B.D. Mark gives a meaning language (speech) under the headword teanga, teangaidh – so perhaps it could be used this way, but even he gives no examples of usage with this meaning.

See how the Gaelic song Cànan nan Gàidheal is translated to Irish as Teanga na nGael (or rather teangaidh in Ulster here).


Ahhh interesting! Tapadh leat/grma :)

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