"Tha mi ag iarraidh dà chù."

Translation:I want two dogs.

May 26, 2020

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Hi, I thought I saw "coin" used for dogs as well (I could be totally mixed up though)...are "coin" and "chù" interchangeable?


Nope, coin is the plural, chù is singular, lenited. Gaelic doesn't start using the plural until you have three items. Two items are still singular. Have a look at the tips for the numbers lessons; while you can't get to them from the phone app, you can open duolingo.com from a browser, including your phone's browser. Sign in, find the lesson; when you click on the lesson, there's a link to the tips & notes as well as to the practice.


Technically, Gaelic has three types of noun: singular, dual, and plural. The dual is used with two. It's not used particularly often these days, but you are right in saying the plural form is only used from three onwards :)

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