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My streak reset to zero after 123 days. Can I get it back?

My streak reset to zero after 123 days. Can I get it back? I definitely did a practice each day. This only happened when I signed on right now. It deflates the motivation of streaks.

July 28, 2014



This happened to me once when I was only on a nine day streak. I had done my practice on my tablet away from the internet one day and when I got home the WiFi must have been down because when I checked my progress the next day I had lost my streak. Since then I have purchased a one day streak freeze from the lingot store to have as back up, so far I've maintained my current streak without it being used. I would recommend that you do the same.


Thanks for the advise. I did not know a streak freeze could be used as a safety measure. I certainly had the lingots to purchase one with. I thought I did every thing the same, including using the same PC I always use.


I once lost mine after 133 days! Very discouraging. Thanks for the tip adder3. Now I am equipped in case it should happen again.


Is there a Spanish phrase about "not crying over spilt milk"?


yes, "No llorar sobre la leche derramada".


The same happened to me after 100 + days. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten it back yet either... I was on a train with a rather unstable wifi connection, and even though I earned points I lost my streak. I'd suggest sending an email (or two) to Support, perhaps contacting an admin, and getting a streak freeze for the future! Keep going, the streak will grow back eventually;)


It did it too me again today after an 18 day streak. I even had the streak insurance and that did not work.

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