"Help, I need someone!"

Translation:Au secours, j'ai besoin de quelqu'un !

May 26, 2020

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Au secours! Pas seulement quelqu'un !

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I think it would rather be something like "pas seulement n'importe qui", "n'importe qui" being the usual way you would translate "anybody" (literally "it doesn't matter who"). As for the word you would use to translate "just" in "not just anybody", that could also be debated: you might use "seulement" ("only"), as in this comment, or maybe "simplement" ("simply"), or even "juste" ("just"), although I'm not sure how common any of those are in regular speech. In Quebec, with a strong English influence, you would probably hear most people on the street using "juste" for that sentence, knowing what the English was. In France I suspect it might lean more towards "simplement" for this sentence, rather than "seulement". (Using "seulement" here would imply to me that you want not only somebody, but ALSO something else on top of that.)

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