"I will not be here tomorrow."

Translation:Cha bhi mi an seo a-màireach.

May 26, 2020

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Would "Cha bhi mi ann a-màireach." also be correct?


Depending on the exact meaning, it could be, cha bhi mi an-seo a-màireach means I won’t be here in this place tomorrow (perhaps because I will be somewhere else), cha bhi mi ann a-màireach could mean I won’t be here tomorrow as in there won’t be any me tomorrow – a bit darker, but still depending on context it might translate this way.


Tapadh leat! Thanks a lot for your help and all the time you invest in us learners. Much appreciated.


Does anyone have a tip to remember when to use "bi", "bhi" or "bidh"? Thanks!


Check out the tips (only available online, I think). They break it down quite nicely. Here's what it says about bi/bhi/bidh.

Bidh mi sgìth = I will be tired.

Cha bhi mi sgìth = I will not be tired.

An bi e math - Will he be good? (If it's Iain, I doubt it)

Nach bi thu ag obair? Won't you be working.


I so wish that the new and significant words were pronounced , a maireach in this case , but there are many other examples

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