Leveling up!

Has anyone had the problem of leveling up but no XP's are given? I am using Mountain Lion 10.8.5., and the browser is Firefox. I have 30,076 points. I received all of the bells and whistles and congratulations for reaching level 25. As I continued to progress through the next subject, I noticed that although the graph was counting the per lesson points, the extra points that are used to tally the necessary point gain to reach the next level was not incrementing. (i.e. up to 4000 points per subject.). In this case, Determiners. A cloud showing how many XP's you have obtained relative to the 4k you have accumulated is not counting. I apologize for not presenting a screen shot, but unfortunately I don't know how. I hope this helps. Any instructions will be greatly appreciated.

July 28, 2014


Hi RainesGary,

I'm not certain what you mean? Do you mean you earned enough XP to level up, got the level up, but the XP required never registered? Do you have any screenshots? You should have at least 30,000XP in order to have reached level25.

Also, what operating system and browser are you using? The tech team will need this information if it turns out to be a glitch on Duolingo's end. If you have a screenshot, that would be helpful as well. :)

Congrats on making it to lvl 25, btw! ^_^

25 is the highest level.

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