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"Come si chiama la pasticceria nella quale lavori?"

Translation:What is the name of the bakery in which you work?

July 29, 2014



"What do you call the bakery where you work IN?" Gah! Dangling participle!!


I suppose a language that accepts double negatives wouldn't be bothered by dangling participles... :)


My English is not too bad I think, but I am not a native English speaker, hence the question: what do you mean by dangling participle? I do not see any participle in your example sentence. Did you perhaps mean dangling preposition?


There is no dangling participle in the English translation that is now given. In English, when you use a participle, there should also be a noun or pronoun that it modifies. You can say, "Walking into the garden, I saw a deer." You should not say, "Walking into the garden, there was a deer." I don't know if this rule applies to Italian, but I think I have seen dangling participles.


Why would quale have an article before it? "Nella quale" ?? Why has duolingo not shown this to me until now?


The given answer is just bad English! Where you work or at which you work are preferable.


Absolutely right. You would never say this. The dangling participle is bad, but the "at" is redundant because of the "where".


Why isn't "What does one call..." accepted?


This is what I wrote, and was marked wrong - 'where you work at' should be the answer according to Duolingo


Nella!??? Please.


cake shop! a reasonable alternative, right?


I'm a native speaker of English and I would say cake shop


I can't see myself ever being able to converse in Italian because it takes so long going backwards and forwards trying to figure out what bits go where in the sentence!


Would "in cui lavori" be correct?


Good question. I'd like to know too. Or, "...nella cui lavori...


I said "what is the bakery called in which you work" rather than "what is the name..." Seems like that should be correct as well.

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