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  5. "Tale padre, tale figlio"

"Tale padre, tale figlio"

Translation:Like father, like son

May 9, 2013



Is this word used comparatively, similar to come or is it different? Can someone please provide an example or two? :)

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In this case it is, but it's an idiom, and so is "tale e quale" (more or less "exactly the same"). In general, "such" is a good translation for "tale", e.g. "La situazione è tale da causare preoccupazione" (the situation is such that it causes worry), or "Quel ragazzo è un tale pasticcione" (that boy is such a clutz). As a noun, it also means an unknown person: "un tale" (a guy), "quel tale" (that guy).


For the German-learners: We have that same saying in German: "Wie der Vater, so der Sohn". :-)

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