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  5. "Chan eil bliadhna fada."

"Chan eil bliadhna fada."

Translation:A year is not long.

May 27, 2020



I think we can all agree that 2020 is in fact VERY long.


Hopefully! I'm not a linguist or a natural scholar and my motivations for learning are primarily social. The technicalities and peculiarities are a bit overwhelming at times but I'm acquiring vocab and beginning to understand small bits of BBC An La !


what would be 'it's not a long year'?


Chan e bliadhna fhada a th' ann. / Chan eil e bliadhna fhada. ?

No doubt Silmeth can tell us more about this and whether both are correct or not, and why. ;-)


The second one – chan eil e bliadhna fhada – is definitely not correct, as you cannot use chan eil with a noun phrase predicate.

But chan e bliadhna fhada a th’ ann is fine.

As for why the second is incorrect – it’s the same difference between a substantive verb bi (tha, chan eil) and copula (is, cha(n)) as explained in the "It is another sandwich" sentence.

EDIT: and you can now read much more about it in my Guide to Scottish Gaelic ‘to be’, the linking verbs: substantive ‘bi, tha’ & the copula ‘is’: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/45459577


Thanks for your patience, Silmeth. Some parts of learning a language are clearly easier than others and having someone around to explain more difficult things definitely helps.

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