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Fraudulent account opened by an identity thief using my stolen e-mail identity

Please someone forward this message to Duolingo's admin and cyber security teams.

I do not speak Portuguese. I am not in Brazil. I do not need to learn English, as I am more proficient in English than most native speakers. I have never opened this Duolingo account.

My e-mail account was stolen (I have since recovered it). While it was stolen, the thieves opened fraudulent accounts with my e-mail identity on hundreds of web sites, including fake credit cards, fraudulent bank accounts, cryptocurrency accounts and much more, the list is very long. The Duolingo account from which I am posting this message is just another fraudulent account.

I hope this message will reach an admin, in which case I request the following: Please cancel this fraudulent account. Please blacklist my e-mail address from any future use. Please delete my address from all your databases (with the exception of the blacklist).

You may send me an e-mail message to confirm my real identity.

Thanks, The only legitimate user of my e-mail account

May 27, 2020

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Open an ABUSE ticket: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Move this thread to the "Troubleshooting(English") forum which is (a bit) better monitored than other sub forums.

Troubleshooting(Portuguese) or Duolingo(Portuguese) asks users to post in this language, not English.
And I doubt that those forums are closely monitored by staff.



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How do you explain this?

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