"I paid five dollars."

Translation:J'ai payé cinq dollars.

May 27, 2020

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Can someone explain the diference between je payai and J'ai payé and best usage for each? Merci


  Je payai is what we call passé simple and is used almost only when writing rather formal texts or literarure.
  J'ai payé is the passé composé and is commonly used for both writing and oral speech.
  Je payais would have been the imparfait.

LINK: Indicative Tenses in French Grammar on Lingolia


I wrote I paid five euros, but it corrected me to I paid five dollars. I thought that dollars wasn't a French word?


My keyboard doesn't have the apostrophe over a letter but you keep comi


Please cancel my membership...my keyboard does not have the proper French punctuation and I can't get a sentence through now. You can email me if you have a solution. Sandra Garner


"J'ai réglé cinq dollars" works

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