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"Ce savon est très bon pour la peau."

Translation:This soap is very good for your skin.

May 27, 2020



Why is it bon rather than bien?


When someting is beneficial, you say "bon pour": "le sport est bon pour la santé" = sport is good for health; "le chocolat est bon pour le moral" = chocolate is good for morale; "des produits qui sont bons pour l'environnement" = products that are good for the environment etc.


Great explanation, merci beaucoup!


Why it is your skin in English? It says "bon pour la peau"


Because normally the definite article (le/la/les) is used with body parts in French, but, as there is no context, I believe your answer should be accepted as it sounds like a stand-alone generalisation.


either is accepted in this challenge. generally the article is used when it is YOUR body part, though when one is discussing health (santé), the article is often used as well.


In another conversation, it was said that bon is used for something to be eaten, and bien for something not to be eaten. what is the truth :-)

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