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How do I get the screen to un-freeze? I've done 5 out of 9 lessons and can't get lesson 6 to open

July 29, 2014



lately I get to the end of a lesson, usually practicing skill without the timer, and the screen freezes. what's up?


Hi olderworker,

I'm not part of the tech team, but, if it is a tech problem on Duolingo's end, the tech team will need to know what operating system and browser you're using. (For instance, I am using Windows7/Firefox).

One thing you can try doing is refreshing the page.

Next, see if you've got a green check mark in that 5th skill. In order for a new skill to open though, you will need to have successfully completed all of the lessons before it. This means earning a green check mark under each of the lessons in a skill.



It's okay now. I think something was messed up with my Internet connection, not with this particular program. Thanks.


Ah, ok. Thanks for getting back about it! :)

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